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Supercharge Your Workout With These Apps

If you haven’t given up on your New Years resolution yet, hang in there. If you have, well, that’s okay too. Working out and hitting the gym doesn’t have to  be a chore. Believe us, it can actually be fun. And with the help of apps, you can supercharge your workout and stay on track. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Charity Miles

Want to give back to your favorite charity? One of our new favorite apps is Charity Miles, which allows you to workout and help out a charity at the same time. Corporations partnered with the app will pledge to donate a few cents for each mile you run, walk, bike, or so on. Choose your favorite charity from a list provided by the app. As you work out, it’ll all add up, making giving back to your community a no-brainer.

Available for: Android, iOS

FIT Radio

But what workout is complete without a soundtrack? While you could just stick with Spotify or Pandora and hope for the best, FIT Radio offers users a chance to find the perfect workout mix. FIT Radio creates special mixes with tracks that all maintain the same beat, helping you stay in motion. While the app itself is free you can opt for the $3.99 subscription and gain access to over 25 music genres and stations.

Available for: Android, iOS


Fitbit offers one of the most popular exercise wearables on the market. But you don’t necessarily have to buy the wearable in order to use the app. As it turns out you can download the Fitbit app for your phone and effectively track the miles you’ve run and so on. You can even use the app to record data like your weight, your glucose levels, and so on. The app can even work in tandem with Fitbit’s own line of bathroom scales, making tracking your weight every week even easier.

Available for: Android, iOS

Jefit Workout

One of the most nail-gnashingly worst parts about working out at the gym is knowing how to work out. What machines do you use? How many reps should you do at the weight rack? Luckily, Jefit Workout can help you out. This free app helps you log your weight-lifting routines and create new routines, making it simple to conquer the gym. The only thing this app can’t help you with? Actually lifting the weights.

Available for: Android, iOS

Lose It

The Lose It app has been around for a while but it’s no wonder why. This easy to use app, which also boasts a strong, vibrant user community, allows users to track the food they eat and the exercises they’ve done. Lose It will then count all the calories you’ve consumed and burned respectively, helping you stick to your calorie goals. You can record your weight at the end of the week and complete various challenges. The app is also compatible with other fitness trackers and devices, including Fitbits, making Lose It one of the best workout apps around.

Available for: Android, iOS


Need a little financial motivation to hit the gym? Consider Pact. This free app allows users to create wagers on whether they’ll finish various fitness related goals. If users are able to hit the gym like they promised, they’ll earn money. If not, they’ll be forced to pay up. Since the pot’s communal, there’s a pretty vibrant community of users and they’ve all got a little green on the line, making this a fun app that provides users with a lot of motivation to actually keep their promises.

Available for: Android, iOS

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