Best Social Media Not Called Facebook or Twitter

Most people are familiar with the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. They seem to have virtually taken over the world when it comes to the information that is shared and the interactions that take place on their sites or through apps. Many celebrities and sports stars use Twitter, while everyday people can post an opinion to their Facebook and feel just as influential.

But what about the sites that aren’t Facebook or Twitter? There are plenty of other social media sites out there that are nearly as influential as the most popular ones. Most people aren’t aware that they can do their marketing for their business on sites like Instagram and Snapchat. Many people have made a name for themselves just by blogging through Tumblr. This is great news for everyone, even for those that aren’t as familiar with social media. That’s because social media is one of the best ways to get the word out about a certain topic.

Social Media Apps Besides Facebook and Twitter


One of the most popular apps not called Facebook is called Instagram. It’s popular for a reason, as it’s a more clean-slated version of a social media platform. Many of the social media platforms out there allow users to post all sorts of things and they end up getting pretty messy. The nice thing about Instagram is that it’s devoted to posting photos or videos, and the user is allowed to post a caption that will appear underneath.

Instagram is also one of the best sites for getting a company’s name out there. There are a lot of amateur photographers, models, and entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of the marketing possibilities behind Instagram’s format. They are able to make a page solely devoted to sharing their brand with the world. That leads to more followers, which leads to more sales or revenue.


Snapchat is one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends. It allows user to send a picture or video that is only saved in the servers until it is downloaded into their phones. That means that the pictures and videos that get sent through Snapchat don’t take up valuable space on the person’s smartphone.

Users are also able to post a photo or video to their story, where it will be for the next 24 hours. Any of their friends will be able to view their story so that they will know what they’re up to. The nice thing about Snapchat is that finding your friends is easy. There’s no scrounging around trying to find your friends, as anyone that is listed in someone’s contacts will show up and can be added as a Snapchat friend.

Dating Apps

These days there are a lot of dating apps that could be included within the umbrella of social media apps, as well. Two of the most popular are Tinder and Bumble. There are others like eHarmony that are devoted to helping people find their soulmates, but Tinder and Bumble are two that have followed the popular method of swipe left/swipe right, where the users are able to swipe right if they are interested in the person, and swipe left if they aren’t interested.


Tumblr is a great app for those that are interested in blogging. It makes setting up and starting a blog simple and easy, and has helped any people start sharing their ideas with the world by sharing them on their blog.

For those that aren’t as familiar with social media and only have a Facebook or a Twitter account, some of these other platforms would be a great place to start in order to start sharing more with the world!

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