Best Social Media Not Called Facebook or Twitter

Most people are familiar with the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. They seem to have virtually taken over the world when it comes to the information that is shared and the interactions that take place on their sites or through apps. Many celebrities and sports stars use Twitter, while everyday people can post an opinion to their Facebook and feel just as influential.

But what about the sites that aren’t Facebook or Twitter? There are plenty of other social media sites out there that are nearly as influential as the most popular ones. Most people aren’t aware that they can do their marketing for their business on sites like Instagram and Snapchat. Many people have made a name for themselves just by blogging through Tumblr. This is great news for everyone, even for those that aren’t as familiar with social media. That’s because social media is one of the best ways to get the word out about a certain topic.

Social Media Apps Besides Facebook and Twitter


One of the most popular apps not called Facebook is called Instagram. It’s popular for a reason, as it’s a more clean-slated version of a social media platform. Many of the social media platforms out there allow users to post all sorts of things and they end up getting pretty messy. The nice thing about Instagram is that it’s devoted to posting photos or videos, and the user is allowed to post a caption that will appear underneath.

Instagram is also one of the best sites for getting a company’s name out there. There are a lot of amateur photographers, models, and entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of the marketing possibilities behind Instagram’s format. They are able to make a page solely devoted to sharing their brand with the world. That leads to more followers, which leads to more sales or revenue.


Snapchat is one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends. It allows user to send a picture or video that is only saved in the servers until it is downloaded into their phones. That means that the pictures and videos that get sent through Snapchat don’t take up valuable space on the person’s smartphone.

Users are also able to post a photo or video to their story, where it will be for the next 24 hours. Any of their friends will be able to view their story so that they will know what they’re up to. The nice thing about Snapchat is that finding your friends is easy. There’s no scrounging around trying to find your friends, as anyone that is listed in someone’s contacts will show up and can be added as a Snapchat friend.

Dating Apps

These days there are a lot of dating apps that could be included within the umbrella of social media apps, as well. Two of the most popular are Tinder and Bumble. There are others like eHarmony that are devoted to helping people find their soulmates, but Tinder and Bumble are two that have followed the popular method of swipe left/swipe right, where the users are able to swipe right if they are interested in the person, and swipe left if they aren’t interested.


Tumblr is a great app for those that are interested in blogging. It makes setting up and starting a blog simple and easy, and has helped any people start sharing their ideas with the world by sharing them on their blog.

For those that aren’t as familiar with social media and only have a Facebook or a Twitter account, some of these other platforms would be a great place to start in order to start sharing more with the world!

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Protect Your Child from Intimidation By Spying On His Cell Phone

Is your kid being threatened, humiliated, harassed and tormented by another kid using SMS or societal media? Intimidation is a huge worry for parents today, and it’s also probable that you’re concerned your kid may be a victim of intimidation also. As a parent, you really need to take care of your son or daughter from the physical, mental and mental effects of intimidation. The great news is that by figuring out how to spy on a cell phone, you can be part of your kid’s life each step of the way.

How Can Cell Phone Spying Work?

By using remote cell phone spy software such as Auto Forward, all occasions and communications are recorded as they occur on the target phone. All the info recorded WOn’t be changed even following the user of the phone deletes any info saved on the apparatus.

Here are the essential monitoring characteristics of remote cell phone spy software:

– All sorts of communications happening on the goal phone are matched against the address book on the phone. That makes it simpler to understand who your kid’s friends are, and who are strangers. The complete address book of the apparatus is also accessible to you personally, in order to understand who your kid is constantly communicating with.

– Auto Forward gives parents the power to remotely block SMS messages and calls from specific phone numbers. If, for example, you are not certain who possesses the number that often calls or sends messages to your kid’s number, you can block it. By blocking specific phone numbers, you can keep your son or daughter from having any kind of communicating with individuals having bad influence on them.

– Incoming and outgoing text messages are also recorded and uploaded to your personal account online. This provides you with a notion of what your kid and their buddies are discussing. This could also function as evidence of cyber bullying in the event you need to behave officially on it.

– By learning the best way to remotely install spy software on a mobile phone, additionally, you will understand what sites your child is seeing often and what investigations are being made on their telephones. And not only that, Auto Forward empowers you to block specific sites your kid should not have access to.

Is Auto Forward a Great Option?

In regards to cell phone spy software, you’ve so numerous brands and manufacturers to select from. It’s sad to say, nevertheless, that not all of them offer quality and dependable cell phone monitoring services. Auto Forward, on the flip side, has created itself as a leader in remote cell phone spy software, thanks to its innovative features and dependable customer care and service.

Use Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Your Son Or Daughter Against the Game of 72

In the event you are a parent of teenagers, there’s an excellent possibility that you’re becoming more worried about the truth that they’re spending more time with their friends than their family. This really isn’t unusual among adolescents today, particularly with the introduction of the latest social networking and assorted cellular devices and gadgets. Controlling how your kids will make use of the net is very hard, which means you might also use mobile phone spy without phone access to track this.

What’s the Game of 72?

The Game of 72 is the latest craze online, and is undoubtedly one of the very dangerous things your kid may play. This is a social networking game that challenges teenagers to vanish completely for 72 hours. People who take on this particular challenge will need to haven’t any contact with their families for three entire days.

The Match of 72 starts with an invitation through social networking. In case you get a private message encouraging you to play the game, you must determine whether to join or not. If you consent to play the challenge, you’ll need to vanish both offline and on-line for three straight days.

How Do You Protect Your Son Or Daughter from the Game of 72?

Can you only picture the way that it’d feel to lose your kid for 72 hours without understanding where they’re? No parent will permit their kids to ever participate in this online game. Therefore, you must do all you are able to in order to keep your son or daughter away from it. But how are you going to do that if your kid has unlimited access to the world wide web? Certainly, the single thing you could do would be to use the best cell phone spy software remote install.

How Can Cell Phone Spy Software Protect Your Son Or Daughter?

By using Simple Spy cell phone monitoring program, you can do the following:

– You could be mindful of everything your kid is doing on their mobile phones.

– You may read all the text messages on their phone.

– You can listen to all of the conversations they’re having with their buddies.

– you’ll have access to the internet browsing history of their mobiles. In this way, you’ll know what sites they’re seeing online.

– You can monitor the positioning of your kid through the GPS feature.

Technology has undoubtedly altered the way all of US live now. More to the point, we must utilize technology to maintain the security and safety of our nearest and dearest. Simple Spy is a contemporary monitoring application which allows you to keep track of all events and conversations in your kid’s cell phone.

FAQs about Using Auto Forward to Monitor a Person’s Cell Phone

monitorChoosing the right software that allows you to monitor over a mobile phone from anywhere is no straightforward task. Irrespective of needing to select from many different companies of service that is such, with how this technology works you have to understand yourself. Here is answers towards generating the correct purchasing decision with a few simple questions.

Right now you must have heard about Auto Forward together of the very reliable phone spy software available in the market. On this page we are likely to expose Auto Forward for you by addressing some of the most regularly asked questions about this solution.

Q: How much does it cost to spy on a mobile phone using Auto Forward?
A: to make use of Auto Forward for cell phone monitoring, you only need to pay a ONE-TIME price of $69.99. You’ll find no monthly fees to be concerned about, and no added or prices that are hidden.

Q: Is monitoring completed with Auto Forward?
A: Mobile phone monitoring with Auto Forward functions by first installing it over a target phone. Then all of the information that is collected will be uploaded for your Protected User Control Screen, where you can access the information you need.

Q: What payment methods can be used to purchase the software?
A: Auto Forward currently takes payments through bank cards, credit cards and PayPal.

Q: What will it look like on my billing record?
A: The charge you will see inside your billing statement is as ILF Apps Corp.

Q: what about Auto Forward’s refund plan? Do they have one?
A: A purchase of Auto Forward mobile phone spy software includes 10-day refund plan.

Q: Does a purchase of Auto Forward have any kind of shipment?
A: No content will be delivered upon the purchase of the spy software.

Q: Exactly how many devices could I monitor employing Auto Forward?
A: You’ll get one license key, that you use to check one unit, if you buy Auto Forward software. To check extra products, you’ll need yet another key.

Q: Does Auto Forward guarantee the solitude of my information?
A: Auto Forward guarantees that information regarding its customers is not and safe accessible to someone else.

Q: Do I have to learn the mark phone’s range to install the application inside it?
A: No. All you need is actual usage of the phone and that means the spy software may be installed by you.

Q: May Be The GPS tracking program accurate?
A: this may depend on your online company. Typically, the GPS is accurate up-to 50 feet of the specific location of the system. You will see the spot over a Google place throughout your control panel.

Auto Forward is a reliable software business, and that means you will learn how to spy on a cell phone quickly and quickly, and also this cell phone monitoring application is really simple to use.

Top Programs for your Cell Phone to Pick From

cell phoneOne of the greatest reasons for having OS is its source character that is open. It only enables its users to enjoy an array of incredible Android applications, nearly all of that are liberated install and to obtain. Aside from the several free cell phone spy software without installment, there are numerous others you must have on your Android phone.

You can find quite a few Facebook applications available on Android, and something of the most fantastic is Seesmic. This software gives service for numerous or multiple reports. In addition it includes a website widget that reveals the newest tweets, and also a qualified and slick style that you will certainly appreciate.

Facebook on Android
A recent Android application update has offered the Inbox Help, while this app isn’t as remarkable as Facebook itself. This app makes it feasible for people to speak in real time. It is steady, quickly, and very simple to use.

National Rail Enquiries
If you always need to verify live practice occasions and acquire notifications about setbacks this free Android app is extremely useful especially.

Microsoft has eventually formulated the state app for Android. This app provides thrust notification support and a true easy screen. It also allows you to control many Hotmail records using the application.

Bing Sky Guide
You’ll definitely appreciate this new application, should you love astronomy. It allows you to possess a distinct illustration of stars and the planets on your own display. And that means you may see what constellations are visible, you just have to point your phone in the sky. It is also feasible when you are inside to use this application.

This software is not so difficult to use. It comes for better performance with one-click check ins and integrated Google maps.

WordPress for Android
That is an amazing application that every blogger should have. It is sold with the newest WordPress variation in order to rotate content and distribute it.

This can be a good media player that iTunes syncing and allows for Mac. It enables

This can be an Android app that you will appreciate when you get used to it. Because it is much more easy to use than common keyboards, many individuals have in on the Android telephones mainly.

Auto Forward Mobile Spyware
If you’re buying a solution to monitor your child’s or spouse’s mobile phone, you can do so applying this potent cellular tracking software. Auto Forward is an incredibly easy to use application and can enable you to learn how to spy on cell phone without access to phone in an instantaneous. It provides you use of call record, the prospective SMS, web browsing background, and also a GPS locator.

Tracking a Cell Phone Isn’t as Difficult as it Seems

cell-phone-doctor_mediumThe thought of spying on another mobile phone and tracking its text messages might appear really difficult, but it’s not. Particularly utilizing the greatest spy software like Simple Spy, for mobile phones, everything is made more easy and user-friendly. Plus, Easy Criminal is compatible with all iPhones and Android devices, so you shouldn’t be worried about deploying it on any mobile device. Jay Lange Media provides great insight regarding the best cell phone monitoring software, you can view it on… Rewards

By using an excellent distant spying software, it will not be difficult for you to observe texting remotely and even without actual usage of the phone. The spy software company’s safe online server allows you for you really to watch or entry the writing messages including the occasion along with the connections, on the target phone the messages acquired or were mailed. It is highly suggest to read legitimate reviews before purchasing a cell phone spy app.

How Can It Work?

Firstly, you’ve to know how a target units operates before you can deploy the written text tracker onto it. Thankfully, the monitoring itself is conducted slightly, although this could be a serious concern. If you are planning to mount the software, the only real period that you’ll require to acquire your hands on the phone is.  If a phone spy software business offers you application that may be mounted without having usage of the phone, you ought not to imagine this as it can be a scam! For efficiently adding the program another requirement is since today that is smartphones have entry to WiFi web connection, which should not become a challenge.

So you might properly install the text system, originally, the goal phone should be connected to the world wide web. Through this, it becomes possible for the web machine to get the significant data concerning the phone, after which give the data you need to you. You can start following text messages once everything is create and ready. Here is how it is simple to track texting from the target phone:

  1. Get the cell phone spy software/text message tracker
  1. Start your mail and look for the e-mail from where you are able to download the software, from your software company, that ought to contain the link
  1. Get the target phone and connect it to the net. You are able to just start the wireless for this.
  1. Move the hyperlink from your e-mail to the goal phone, and download it.
  1. When the installment is total, you may start monitoring the mark phone is text messages. All information will undoubtedly be provided for you through the safe server that is online.
  1. To other functions, you may be granted access with a few enhanced types of the spy software. You might monitor mail addresses, contact records and communications, yet others.

For Units Working on iOS
If you should be to tracking a cell phone working on an iphone-androidiOS, it is required that the device is jailbreak by you first. This may let you deploy the 3rd party application on the iPhone, which is recognized to adding packages in regards to have a great number of limitations. Per CNN, especially the iPhone, “Some cell phones, come with limits on what kinds of apps — or plans — you can acquire and work, which cellular network you should use and, basically, what you condo with the phone.”

For Units Working on Android
If you prefer to check the social media marketing reports, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, yet others on an Android phone of the mark phone, rooting these devices can be a required step. This may give you permission to put in programs that Android not itself.  As common android site make use has mentioned, Rooting is removing cellular carrier added to the unit you possess or the rules the maker. Using a cell phone spy application is fairly simple, if you would like to know more you can visit:

Cell Phone Spy Software: Did It Help In Keeping Your Teenagers Protected?

M_Id_198398_textingMost of us understand because they’re scared to become scolded that teenagers are constantly reluctant to tell their parents the facts. Many young people choose not to let their parents know where they’re because they feel that their parents may merely keep these things come home. Adolescents are simply too frightened to be uncomfortable, particularly when they recognize their friends’ parents aren’t tight. This is the reason increasingly more parents nowadays are relying to monitor the youngster’s activities. Highster Mobile is rated one of the best cell phone spy’s in articles released in the Washington Post. SafeGuarde review site is one of the best ones out there, if you’re looking for the best cell phone spy app. You can easily find it on:

A recent study shows that 82 percent of teenagers today are laying to their parents. Let’s get including the account a 14 year old teenager, of Long from Eagle Point, Oregon.

In 2012, Feb 18th to be precise, Ashley thought to her mother that she was going to sleep-over at her friend’s house. Her mom, Lori, didn’t worry a lot of about it since Ashley used to join her buddies’ parties.  What she didn’t know was that Ashley was about to travel out-of-town along with her friends. Ashley was offered some drinks, upon arriving at their spot, and she had more to drink during the occasion. There have been three guys at the party, who been inhaling helium from some kind of a tank. She refused it, while it was Ashley’s flip. Before committing to a cell phone spy software, you should read the reviews provided on:

Her pals were very consistent, and so fundamentally, she began to inhale the helium and gave in. A few minutes later, she passed out. The people present throughout the occasion made several efforts to regenerate her, and they chose to call an ambulance to consider Ashley to the clinic, when they certainly were not successful. It had been 11 pm that evening when the mom of Ashley got a call from of the representatives investigating the episode. Her mommy was informed to dash for the hospital to satisfy the specialist. The doctor advised her that Ashley had inhaled helium that was the reason for her demise while she got for the hospital. After that, Lori became devoted to permitting folks know about helium’s risks. She emphasizes that helium is just a really serious issue.

Like a guardian, you would ponder how on earth you can make sure your youngster isn’t getting into such form of difficulty or danger? What is it that could create your child especially when it comes to their whereabouts, be honest for you? The past issue you’d want is always to get yourself a phone from a stranger letting you know that the kid is either useless or missing. Within an article created on Sound Vision, it had been said that:

How Many units per week that parents invest in substantial discussion with their kids: 38.5 (American Family Research Council, “Parents Struggle ‘Time Famine’ as Economic Difficulties Raise,” 1990.)

Possibly the most effective way that your child to become less dishonest along with you can be spy softwareconvinced by you is to have great transmission together with your child. Adolescents who don’t trust their parents are unlikely to talk about something to them. And if you still do not think your youngster is not being dishonest to you personally, the perfect solution is you must attempt is using Mobile. Highster Mobile phone spy lets you watch on your own youngster’s cell phone actions. It’d merely take you significantly less than 3 minutes to start utilizing the application, and also to access the following:

Pictures, texting, movies, phone calls, social media, etc!

What is more Mobile has GPS monitoring feature, so you can learn in case your youngster is anywhere they claim to be. With this particular application, you will be capable of simply spy on the mobile phone without entry to it. Go to Highster Mobile and be amazed having its many functions that are effective! If you are apprehensive regarding cell phone monitory apps check out:

Issues You Could Face With Cellular Phone Software

cellular phone softwareThe primary reason for installing cell phone monitoring application in your child’s phone is to keep track of their routines for example their whereabouts, contacting and messaging. However, you could find that you will be having some issues with your application for another or one cause and it’s also not functioning as required or as was stated. One of the causes may be that you simply have bought quality software that is low that cannot function to level. If that’s the case, the only real answer is to recognize the fact that you’ve been swindled because generally, the companies of such cellular phone software to spy on a cell phone do not give ample service and move on. If you would like to further look into a cell phone spy app, Easy Spy is a good one to consider. You can further look into it on the provided link:

However, even though you ordered quality application that is good for spying on cell phone and did your research, it’s also possible to experience some issues due to spy software’s complex character. Numerous is the fact that it is of top quality and when it is from the organization that is reliable, you may get the support that is mandatory even obtain a reimbursement or to fix the situation. A number of the conditions that you can encounter include:

  • Utilizing the improper spy software for your phone. Legitimate software suppliers supply about the devices that are compatible with their application to information. As being a buyer, additionally, it is your job in case your phone is suitable to learn. For example, if you have an iPhone, you have to know that you might not use the spy software without jail-breaking the phone. It’s also wise to understand that the application might simply be used on Smartphone. It will not function as estimated, if you use application for spying on cell phone that’s incompatible with your phone or it may not perform in any respect. Some spy software services can help you to straighten out the problem depending on their plan. Easy Spy features are provided on the website, you can easily view it on:
  • Not installing the application correctly. A problem can happen during the installing of the spy software such that it does not operate correctly. In some instances, the approach is done in a rush and a key step may be missed by one. You should contact service to learn if an issue is inside your installation, how you can be helped.banking-by-phone-man-at-computer-shutterstock-510px

For the spy software to be installed, your phone will need web connection that is good. Inadequate connection can lead to inability of the spy software to be fitted correctly. The phone also needs to get in touch to the web because of it to deliver accounts. Reporting could be disrupted, if you have weak connection or not web or there could be no reports in any respect.

Easy Spy is a true cell phone spy software. Customer Service reps are willing to help out with scenario dilemmas occur such as inability to put in the program correctly.  Any time, you can contact Easy Spy anytime. We have the application that is most effective spyware.  However, problems such as not enough accounts as a result of bad net connectivity of the phone can’t be charged around the providers. Many reputable spy software vendors work hard to ensure that the web site is obviously currently running to cut back cases of missed studies. Easy Spy is very simple to use.

Text Tracking 101: How to Track Text Messages

textTexts will be the new key code. Where else can somebody possess a discussion right before others with total privacy? Whether its at work, in elsewhere, or your home, texts are a kind of connection with higher expectations of solitude when compared to a a contact trade a phone conversation, or perhaps a face-to-face talk. There aren’t any sounds to overhear, and, unlike a PC monitor, it’s very hard for anyone to read your neck over should you don’t want them to.

All which makes texting a stylish option for those who wish to discuss issues they don’t need others to understand about. And when you’re the one paying with a dependent and sometimes even a worker, as for their devices, they might actually be keeping items from you about the phone you purchase.

But when you’re the phone operator, you will find ways you are able to spy on text messages. You will find cell phone spy software applications like HighsterMobile, that’ll permit you to view every text that involves or from the monitored phone. You set up it.

Step # 1 get and select your application
When you buy the application (for instance Highster Mobile at to get a one time charge of $69.99), you’ll instantly obtain a contact using a download link, login, code and license key that’ll permit you to fill the text message spy software onto the specific phone.

Step # 2 Install the program to the target systemtext
The installation will need one to have unrestricted use of the portable product you wish to monitor. You have physical access for the system, and you have code entry. The installation is only going to get about 5 minutes and certainly will be achieved for devices or using a USB cable or perhaps a wireless, Bluetooth link within the phone’s internet connection without internet.

Step # 3 relax and let data collects
It collects every text message delivered to or in the specific system, such as the entire information of the text, in addition to the identification of senders and readers. Sophisticated methods like Highster Mobile also gather up comparable information from as much as 15 monitoring capabilities. This application monitors emails delivered to and in the phone, in addition to signing all calls to and in the phone, monitoring its area by GPS, and monitoring all applications about the phone as well as their use, which means you get plenty of data from texts and practically anything else that happens about the specific phone.

Step # 4 Watch the information out of your own system.
The spy app sends a safe online machine all of the information, where it’s saved for the review. This information is in addition to the information continued the phone, so also messages removed in the phone are stored within the record. You can access and see all of this information via your personal person dash, that’ll demonstrate practically exactly what happened about the target system. The dash could be used from your own portable unit or out of the computer at your convenience.

Step # 5 Is your decision
It’s your decision to determine how to proceed with that information you keep reading ping in to the goal phone, once you understand what’s being submitted these mystical texts. If it offers you reassurance to understand the ‘secret’ communications are safe chat, that’s good. Regardless, the benefit it’s your decision to determine how to proceed next, and has become yours.

Several Reasons To Go Get An Iphone

Regardless of how old you are or what your other iphonebackground is, you are probably grateful for the invention of the iphone. What makes people love this device so much? You’ll find that answer within, and become an expert Iphone user.

To make browsing the web on your iphone a little easier, get a bigger keyboard! Fortunately, there is no need to purchase a keyboard. Just tap Safari’s address bar while you hold your iphone sideways you’ll instantly see a big difference! You will now have a keyboard that is bigger and much easier-to-use.

If you would like your iphone battery to last longer, dial down the brightness factor of your phone’s display. To lower the brightness level, simply adjust your phone’s settings. At a lower brightness, you’ll find your iphone lasts for a lot longer. If you know you are going to go a long time between charges, this is especially helpful.

Once you know how the volume button can be used to take a photo, try using the headphone cord to snap a picture. Press the button on the cord when you are ready. You won’t shake the phone and you will have a clear shot.

It’s easy to place a call while using Safari to browse the Internet. For example, let’s say you are looking for a dry cleaner. When locating the number, you don’t have to use the phone component to call them. Instead, simply press your finger onto the number you want to call and you’ll be connected instantly.

By push notifications on your iphone, do you feel overwhelmed? You can easily turn them off. Begin by selecting “settings”, then hit the notifications line. Review the apps under this heading. You can remove any that you wish to. Will help your battery to last much longer, though this will not only cut down on the amount of notifications you receive.

iphoneYou can customize your iPhone’s dictionary and create shortcuts to make texting faster. The diction knows beforehand what you are trying to say. You can establish your own shortcuts for phrases and words you use often. Auto-correction of mistyped words is another handy feature.

Be a faster texter by using this simple trick. You can dismiss a suggested word by tapping elsewhere on your screen. You need not close it using the small “x”.

Many people use the camera on the iphone. It can be hard to sort through pictures after taking them. Keep your pictures organized with the iphone album. You will find picture locating much easier using this facility.

Have you missed an opportunity to get a great picture because your camera application was too slow to ramp up? Here’s a quick, easy shortcut to help prevent this problem. While the screen is locked, quickly tap the Home button twice. A camera icon will appear on your screen. Hitting it will instantly throw your iphone into camera mode.

If you need to do some quick math, but not in your head, make use of the calculator in your iphone. If the iphone is horizontal when you use the calculator, it will do advanced scientific calculations.

You can use the settings to make the iphone visually indicate when you have an incoming call or message. But easy to notice, you can set it up so that your phone’s LED camera blinks each time a message comes in, if you want a notification that’s silent. Head to Settings, then General, then click on Accessibility. Turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

The Safari browser on the iphone allows you to do virtually everything you can do on a large computer, and that includes bringing images down from websites. Simply tap it and hold it down if you see pictures you would like to store while browsing the Internet. You will be given the option of saving the image to the Camera Roll directly on your phone. These photo’s can even be placed and copied inside a message!iphone

Update your firmware on a regular basis. This will make the battery and the iPhone’s usability better. You can bring your firmware up to date, by putting iTunes on your computer and linking your phone to it. If you have one, ICloud can connect to an Apple computer.

A phone can be taken on the iphone without the phone being shaken while you hold it. You can simply use the volume controls on your headphones. You need a steady hand centered onto the image you wish to capture before you do anything else. Once you have your shot set, press a cord button.

As said earlier, it seems that almost everyone owns an iphone or knows someone who does. You know now what it’s for and why you should own one too if all the circumstance and pomp surrounding the iphone had you previously confused!